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Group photo of CEC team
                  Members of the Community Engagement Core Team

The overarching goal of the TRANSFORM Community Engagement Core (CEC) is to provide effective outreach and dissemination for TRANSFORM’s evidence-based and evidence-informed knowledge.

We are working to grow the next generation of child maltreatment prevention scholars and to reach a broad coalition of advocates in the child maltreatment community.

Our aims:

  • To bridge the gap between child abuse prevention / intervention research and practice
  • To expand the pool of maltreatment researcher through mentoring and training
  • To leverage existing resources to contact and connect people across child-serving systems
    • Graduate students
    • Junior researchers
    • Child welfare leaders
    • Physical and mental health providers
    • Attorneys and judges
    • Educators
    • Parents
Interested in learning more about TRANSFORM’s child abuse prevention work?

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